U.R.D.Ki Hostel: Goa’s Oasis for the Solo Female Traveler

Vaishnavi | March 18, 2024

Goa’s allure is undeniable, but for solo female travelers, finding a safe and comfortable space can be a priority. Enter U.R.D.Ki Hostel, a haven I recently discovered that ticks all the boxes. Nestled conveniently on the main road, it offers the perfect blend – easy access to all the action and a tranquil environment that prioritizes your well-being, making it ideal for female travelers seeking a supportive and secure base.....Read more

Eco Warrior – HOSCARs Finalists 2023

Maya Hawes | April 03, 2023

Hostels are magical places where you can soak up the vibes of fellow free spirits while embarking on adventures across our amazing planet. And now, some of these hostels are blazing the trail to protect our environment and champion sustainability, paving the way for generations of backpackers to explore for years to come.....Read more

Digital Nomad – HOSCARs Finalists 2023

Maya Hawes | April 03, 2023

Nowadays, more and more of us have the ability to work remotely from any corner of the world. With progressively more companies offering flexible work contracts, many have taken the leap into the world of freelancing. And really, all you need is a comfy space with reliable internet, inspiration, and the opportunity to connect with other digital nomads along the way. ....Read more

Where did I stay in Goa for 8 months in Covid-19?

Shaily Gupta | Sep 24, 2022

Hola Amigos,

Imagine a place…where every wall tells a story. Some walls have artwork that tells the story of the mind and soul, while another wall might tell someone's deep passion for music and bicycles. Oh, and then there's a wall with posters of all the movies they loved. I

Each room is designed to make you feel at home. There's privacy and cleanliness. Oh, so much cleanliness and for an OCD person like me, it was just perfect.....Read more

Eco-friendly hostel in Goa

Heena Shah | June 13, 2022

Sustainability is the act of living while keeping future generations in mind and the ecological balance at a constant level. However, we lost track of it as the world progressed. Today, our oceans are full of plastic, our lungs full of micro plastics and our sights full of grey skies, taken over by climate change. Cigarette butts are the most commonly found trash in the world. The United Nations says we barely recycle ten percent of our plastic waste. If we don’t change our course now, there may be no coming back, no world remaining and may be no great great great grand kinds.....Read more

Your Ultimate Sustainable Travel Guide To Goa

Heena Shah | June 26, 2022

Sustainability, quite honestly, feels like a lot of work. It is a way of living, which means that everything you do must be examined through the lens of the carbon footprint it leaves behind. And that can feel like a lot, especially when all you want to do is just relax and unwind. But travelling sustainably doesn't have to be so complicated, and so we put together THE guide for you to go through Goa with a limited carbon footprint.....Read more

Wondering what to look for in your accommodation during your sustainable travels?

Heena Shah | June 22, 2022

Here is how you can find a sustainable stay in Goa...

Sustainability is the new buzzword, but do we really understand what it is? All we hear is ‘save water’ and ‘say no to plastic’, which has not solved the world’s problems, so far.

The UN World Commission on Environment and Development defines sustainability as “sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”....Read more

From Shared Dorms to Self-Discovery: U.R.D.Ki’s Journey as Goa’s Boutique Hostel for the Soul

Varsha Madhyan | March 18, 2024

Goa’s vibrant energy, sun-kissed beaches, and rich culture have long captivated travelers. But for those seeking a deeper connection – to themselves and fellow explorers – U.R.D.Ki Hostel offers a unique experience. We transcend the traditional hostel concept, fostering a space dedicated to both self-discovery and the joys of travel.....Read more


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